Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Mini & 2 Baby-size moccasins...

I got to create these special moccasins for a customer in Canada. Here is the complete order:

Miniature fully beaded moccasins, and two fully beaded baby moccasins in sizes 5 & 5.5
I incorporated a Shoshone design on all three. I love the gradient of colors and how it contrasts against the background. Here are the miniature moccasins:
These colors are a bit more traditional:
I love the sparkle of the dark blue.
Perfect for that handsome little Native boy!

Fully Beaded Moccasins & Accessories...

I made these items for a customer in Montana. For this order, I had the opportunity to incorporate her personal family design and colors. Here is the complete order:

Women's Custom Fully Beaded Moccasins size 8.5. Buckskin Leggings to match, Large Barrette, 2 Lg. Barrettes, and necklace pendant.
Here are the Moccasins:
The Leggings: (She requested a Cancer symbol be implemented in remembrance of her mother. I thought it was a nice touch!)
The Leggings and Moccasins on:
Moccasins and Leggings together: