Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Women's Shoshone style moccasins

I finished these gorgeous moccasins last week.  They are a Woman's size 10 with custom Shoshone design.  The gradient of colors are stunning and reminds me of a beautiful sunset!

They're on their way to their new home in Oklahoma!

A unique take on florals!

These beautiful moccasins have a unique South American flair!  It was fun to work on.  I think the colors turned out beautifully together!  They are a custom floral design in a baby size 2.  On their way to California for a new baby boy!


These lady's high-top moccasins turned out better than I could have ever imagined.  It was challenging to work on, but definitely so rewarding and fun!  This design is so stunning against the deer hide.  I am in LOVE!  Definitely resembles the beautiful beadwork and styles of the Eastern Shoshone.  I think I found my new FAVORITE!!

They are on their way to Arkansas!

Custom Salt Lake Police Department Moccasins...

It was a joy, working on these cute baby moccasins for one of my close friends.  Baby's dad is a member of the Salt Lake Police Department...what a wonderful way to honor him and his service!  These turned out amazing!  I love that this baby boy is proud to show off his love for his daddy!

Shoshone Rose...

 I love the traditional look of these beautiful, fully-beaded baby moccasins.  The red rose is so striking against the turquoise background.  This is definitely one of my favorite designs, for sure!
These are a baby size 3.

Gorgeous Florals!

I had a fun time working on these moccasins for a little girl in New Mexico!  They are a custom floral design with matching deerskin leggings.  Love the colors!

Custom Baby Moccasins!

I finished these custom moccasins for a new-baby-to-be!  He's going to be turning heads as the newest ASU Super Fan, that's for sure!  They really turned out so cute.

They are a newborn-size.  Made with size 13 cut seed beads for that gorgeous sparkle and shine!