Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fully beaded "Moccwas!"

I recently took on a fun project for a shoe company called, "Sockwa" and a rug company called, "American Dakota." They asked me to fully bead these shoes with a design inspired by one of their rugs as a promotional item, just in time for "Rock your Moccs Day" coming up on November 15th! 

Creatively called, "Moccwas," these "eye dazzling" shoes are hand beaded and are definitely one of a kind!  It was by far my most challenging project yet...but a lot of fun! Check out and!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Custom Baby Moccasins with Butterfly Design

I absolutely LOVE how these fully beaded baby moccasins turned out!  The pinks and flecks of gold are the perfect touch for that sweet little baby girl!  

These moccasins were a custom order.  They were hand beaded with cut seed beads, and hand sewn on to tan deer hide.  The cut beads sparkle, giving these moccasins a stunning shimmer!

Custom High-top Baby Moccasins

These custom U of A high-top moccasins turned out so cute!  This little fan will be turning heads at the next U of A game!  Gooo Wildcats!

These moccasins were a custom order.  They are hand beaded and hand sewn on to tan deer hide.

Baby Moccs in Custom Colors

These baby moccasins turned out so cute!  I have done this design a few times now, but this time I was asked to do them in red, yellow and green.  I love the traditional feel.  The colors next to the white background really pop!  So beautiful!  

These have a fully beaded toe, and are hand sewn on to white deer hide.