Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Women's Shoshone style moccasins

I finished these gorgeous moccasins last week.  They are a Woman's size 10 with custom Shoshone design.  The gradient of colors are stunning and reminds me of a beautiful sunset!

They're on their way to their new home in Oklahoma!


  1. Size 8 what do you charge? I like the Shoshone design. I'm Pottawatomie Prairie Band. My mom can't tell what style we have or Iowa tribe....big sigh....

    1. Dawn, my pricing is based on the size and amount of beading. So for a women's size 8 here are some prices:

      $475 beaded design on toe only
      $500 beaded design on toe + border
      $550 fully beaded toe (like the picture)
      $575 fully beaded toe + border

      + $7 shipping (in U.S. only)

      If you're interested in placing a custom order, please send me an email to:

      I accept payment though PayPal. Thanks!