Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Fancy Dance...

This is a Fancy Shawl Outfit I made for my 3 year old little girl. She always wants to participate in the Pow Wows, and I thought it was finally time to make her very own Fancy outfit. The Fancy Dance is a very popular dance and is one of my favorites to watch at the Pow Wow. I was taught that this dance depicts the movements of a I thought a butterfly was fitting for the theme of the outfit!

The Vest/Cape ties in the back allowing for longer wear even as she grows. This outfit is mostly made out of a satin-type of fabric. I think the sheen is great for Pow wows. Her shawl has a cute glitter on it. All designs were applied using appliqué and then machine-stitched on.

Check out some of her "fancy" footwork! I'm currently working on making some Beaded Moccasins to match...

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  1. Crystal, I love your work! I'm going to save and geet my granddaughters some bracelets and mocassins. I might even get me a fleece purse. Your mom would be so please with you. I miss her, and would love to see you. Great job on the site.
    Susan Lafaele